February 2004

Another Super Bowl has been played, winter is winding down, here's to spring being on it's way and another great summer of STYX & Lawrence Gowan!! I know of two shows this fall which I will be attending but here's hoping to a show or two between now and then. Love the new Styx site. It would be nice if we could get some more notes from Mr. Gowan himself. They are always a fun read. :) Thank you for the music and keep rockin!!
Valerie Macklin <squirt0356@aol.com>

King City, Ont Canada - I first got to see Lawrence in action with Styx when they came to Cincinnati's Riverbend Music Center with REO and Journey. Awesome performance! 'Course, one of my favorite moments outside of the Styx part of the show was when he and Tommy Shaw came out during the REO portion and flashed REO...it was hilarious, and it's good to see a band that performs well, and to see the 'lighter' side of it's members! I recently got to see Lawrence's performance of A Criminal Mind on a Styx DVD...and what a GREAT song! I wish they would have that in their normal Styx lineup! Maybe they do, I've only thus far seen them in 2 concerts, and both times they were with REO (in Cincinnati and Dayton last year), so they were probably pressed to a time schedule. But after that song I am anxious to see hear some of his other solo work. Anyway, just wanted to say that I enjoy his performances with Styx, and he's obviously a very gifted musician both in playing and writing. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing Styx again this summer as they tour our area! Pete
Pete Meyer <pjmeye00@fuse.net>

Cincinnati, OH USA - Larry....where are yoooooooouuuu?? We miss your comedic monthly updates!
Tina <myerkish@aol.com>

La Mirada, CA USA - Just wondering if anyone out there has any information about where I can get the video, "Let It Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll Video of the Decade"? It was done in Canada, and it was for Ronnie Hawkin's celebration of his 60th birthday. Larry was singing in the video (3 or more songs in the video, itself.) and I wouldn't mind if I could buy it from somewhere and/or from someone on the net. Could someone let me know where I can find it? Thanks, it would mean alot to me. God Bless you, Larry and the band, Styx. Hello, to you, Marlene. As usual, you are still a very gifted and wonderful person to talk too. Patty Hunter
Patty (Lenaghan) Hunter <pattyhunter1952@sbcglobal.net>

Trabuco Canyon, CA USA - Goodness, glad I thought to look for a new "Gowan" website. This is SIMPLY fantastic. My Gowan experiences date all the way back the absolut BEST time to be a teenager - the 70's - seeing Rhinegold, at Sir Sams, in Niagara Fall; never missed a evenings worth of entertainment then and continue of course, to see as many shows as possible - the John McDermott Xmas special was a real treat; (John Lennon's song was stupendious) I don't know who all those seniors were in the crowd haha guess I'm one now too!!! God Bless Gowan for being such a strange animal!!!!....
Mary Jo-Anne <maryjo-anne.sherwood@rbc.com>

Milton, On Canada -
- Patty, this is for you, I just received my copy of the same video yesterday and have been enjoying it. I purchased it through www.half.com Once you are at that site, then just type in the name of the video under the "search" and it will pop up on the screen. Good Luck and enjoy. He looks great in it in the jacket he's wearing, good colour for him. It's also nice to see him playing the guitar.
Valerie Macklin <squirt0356@aol.com>

King City, Ont Canada - Is larry going to perform himself any time soon? here in toronto?
michelle <mjclouds2hotmail.com>

toronto, ont canada - me again, on styx does larry sing lead vocals? or just play the piano/keyboard?
michelle <mjclouds@hotmail.com>

toronto, - Girl, where have you been?? LOL. Yes Larry does sing lead on some of the Styx songs. They have even included "A Criminal Mind" in their line-up. He does an amazing job on "Lady" as well as quite a few of their other songs. He even gets to play the guitar. Hope this helps you. I also have a question, can anyone confirm that Styx will be playing at Casino Rama in Orillia on October 15th & 16th of this year?? Thanks.
Valerie Macklin <squirt0356@aol.com>

King City, Ont Canada - Hi Marlene....I have some great photos of Larry from their Canyon Club show in Los Angeles on Dec 27th. If you'd like to see/use them for the site, I'd be happy to send them to you. Just let me know where! Thanks!
Tina <myerkish@aol.com>

La Mirada, CA USA - I have met Larry on more than one occasion but haven't heard anything from him in the last few years. I was wondering if he is going to play solo again and if so where? Now that Lulu's in Kitchener is gone I have no where to see him in person. I miss that very much. He is very inspiring to me and has been for a very long time. Please e-mail me if you can and let me know of any concert or appearance news. Thank you and keep up the great work Larry. Sincerely Tina Dumoulin
Tina Dumoulin <gemini4444@cogeco.ca>

Welland, ON Canada - Larry It's been a long time Feb 14/94 to be exact. Saw you in concert in Edmonton , A lounge on Whyte ave. Anyways how is everything? Talked to Bob Bowman last night and he told me about this web site. We were talking about some sort of small reunion next year, it will be 30 years !!!!. Anyways if you find the time drop me a line. regards James St James
James St. James <jjberry@telusplanet.net>

Nanton, AB Canada - I've been listening to Larry since I was 15 yrs old and I still love his voice and songs. I hope Larry has many more years left to his music career I'm almost 38 now and Larry is one of very few artists that I've heard over the years where I liked every song. Cheers Larry!!!
Donna K. <donnakelsie@eastlink.ca>

Halifax, n.s Canada - It was Saturday February 7th/2004. Bunch of us got onto the back of the elevator at the CN Tower, someone had asked is it going down....a male voice states "No it's going sideways". My eyes followed the voice to the right..and low and behold....Lawrence Gown. Nobody said anything except a few giggles. We waited at the base of the Tower, then walking along the exit is Lawrence. Had the nerve to approach him and ask...Excuse me, are you Larry Gowan? That was one evening we wish we had our camera.......friendly guy, great singer. All the best! Gisella, Anthony, Sonia, Lorenzo, Jean-Pierre and Helen.
Gisella <gallucci@sympatico.ca>

Toronto, ON Canada - Just found the site today. Seems to cover everything u need....except..... Well, some of us single dads have a pretty much impossible time getting to see a concert which means we have an impossible time getting albums that are available ONLY at a concert. Apparently my local music store in Brandon cannot obtain the fist album "GOWAN" ergo I cannot obtain it. I used to have a copy of it on cassette (yes those things that were around between 8-tracs and cd's). Well it would appear that someone else liked it as well and "borrowed it for life" without permission. I guess what i am asking is how do I get it again? I sure miss hearing "Oceana", "I'm Not Involved" and "keep Up The Fight". The last one having special meaning to me.... Well, thanx for taking the time to read this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can call me McCoobs.... ya! like ya never heard THAT one B4! :)
Troy McCoubrey <djwalleye@hotmail.com>

Rapid City, mb Canada - You have some little fans to! I'm 8 yrs old . Mom has a signed CD of yours and I listen to it all the time. Maybe when I get older , I can see you in concert! Thanks for all the great years of awesome music.(that was from Mom)!xoxo
Kaitlyn Wannamaker <kevlea26@kos.net>

Belleville, on Canada - Gowan, you're just awesome! Your music is by far some of the best I've ever/ will ever hear. You have amazing talent, keep it up.
Trevor <ejbeach@hotmail.com>

Belleville, ON Canada - Hello all, maybe someone can clarify something for me....... Pollstar is showing two styx dates for Casino Rama in Ontario as being Oct. 15th and 16th and here on this site they show the two dates as being Sept. 15th & 16th. Does anyone know which dates are the correct ones?? Thank you so much.
Valerie Macklin <squirt0356@aol.com>

King City, Ont Canada - I get the tour dates from the official Styx web site. I just checked and the Casino Rama dates are not listed at all anymore therefore I have removed them from this site. If you go to the Tour Dates page and click on the link to the Styx site, you will see the official itinerary.
Marlene (Web Master)

- Happy Valentine's Day to you, Marlene and to everyone out there. May it be a sweet and wonderful day, for Larry and his family. And for the boys in the band, Styx, too!! I bought from E-Bay, the first of Larry's album, called "GOWAN" and then a cassette of "Great Dirty World". Soon I should be receiving in the mail, the video of Ronnie Hawkin's 60th birthday bash, which has Larry singing in it. Sigh, I truly love listening to Canadian musicans. They're the best in the world. Being Canadian myself, I guess that I am just a wee bit biased. ;-) God Bless you, Larry and family. Have a good one, eh?? Patty
Patty (Lenaghan) Hunter <pattyhunter1952@sbcglobal.net>

Trabuco Canyon, CA USA - Hi Marlene; Just wanted to thank you for such an ausome Site. On behalf of all Larry's fans here in Escarpment Country, we'd like to ask how we can now order his videos or CD's. I heard by the grapevine that Bob Roper has moved to the states and had a big promotion. Congradulations Bob! But who do we contact for purchases? Do we now have to go through Styx site? Is there a way of ordering just Gowans music? I found out no one has picked up the mail from the site in Mississauga where orders where to go. Is there an new address for orders? From all of us out here..We Miss you won't you play soon..just your music. Milton,Halton,Oakville, Burlington & Georgetown Fans!!!
DAnne Wasilkowsky <dwasilkowsky@hotmail.com>

Milton, On Canada - Hi. I looking to make contact with Larry's manager in order to potentially book a performance however there doesn't seem to be a link to that on the site. Can you help? Thanks Blair
Blair Patton <production@c103.com>

Moncton, NB Canada - Dearest Gowan, Last time I and some girlfriends went to see you at the Lower Deck in Fredericton must have been about 6 or 7 years ago, and it was a great show, I have to say! I remember we somehow then ended up at the Condor Hotel for a drink after. I've now been living in the UK for quite some time, and it would be brilliant to see you come over here for tour dates......anything in the works for London? I'll keep my fingers crossed. I get homesick now and then for some good Canadian content music over here, and its like trying to find gold dust. Regards, Susan Willis
Susan Willis <susanewillis@hotmail.com>

UK - In regards to ordering cd's/video's - I had a talk with LG about this in December and he is in the process of sorting out how we will proceed with you're being able to order. I'll let you know as soon as I do.. it may take awhile so thanks for your patience.
Marlene (Webmaster)

My name was michelle mashtaler, I am now married but I was a HUGE Larry Gowan fan in the 80's, I saw so many of his shows in toronto, st catherines..ect.., and even watched him play hockey many times. I have all his albums up until, "but u can call me larry", and maybe the one after that too. Alot of my albums are signed from him and I have many pictures of larry and of me with larry too. I knew larry personally,..well he knew my face and name.. he knew me as the peanut girl.(inside joke) hehe..once had fun with a spider too...hehe I got away from him cause alot was happening in my life. Just recently I heard he was singing in styx. I just bought styxworld live cd just to hear larry singing come sail away. so much to tell, can't remember it all...but hopefully I can contact larry again, I'd like to say hi, and see if he remembers me. Is there somewhere I can write him ? I'd love to talk to him again. mjclouds@hotmail.com
Michelle <mjclouds@hotmail.com>
Scarborough, ont canada -

Hi Lawrence- I've been a huge STYX fan since 77. Your contributions to Cyclorama were outstanding and for my money the best on the album. Cyclo is probably the best Styx album since Pieces of Eight. It is such a great record. The reason I'm writing is that I just read the Styx notes section on the Styx site, and there was an article posted there from a newspaper. In the article, Tommy was asked about a new studio album and his reply was something to the effect of "we may mix it up with some live tracks" or something like that. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not another live album. I was so pumped with Cyclorama and it looked like Styx was ready to move forward with a new recording career with NEW songs to offer. Then, the live album with the sun on it came out. I didn't even buy it (or remember the name of it!) having bought Caught in the Act in the 80s, Return to Paradise, and then Styxworld. Then there was the one with the Dam on it. Didn't buy it either. The Styx live arrangements don't change enough for me to keep buying the live stuff. Cyclorama was SUCH a breath of fresh air that I hope to God the band rethinks their decision and goes into the studio. If the band wants to sell live tracks, they should do it at the shows like some bands are doing now. Sorry, not trying to tell you what to do, just want to hear NEW music from Styx. Many people have also lambasted Styx on the internet and in the press for all the live albums as well, including many diehard fans, who paint it as the band ripping off the fans. While I don't agree with that and will go to the shows, I would still love to hear new music. You're an awesome addition to the band even though you've been there for quite a few years now. Thanks for the opportunity to talk.
Dirk McQuickley <barrywomb@yahoo.com>
Seattle, wa us -

Oshawa, ON CANADA - Not having caught the boys since August in Syracuse NY and Glenn had left not sure what to find when we went to Atlantic City but WOW in incredible form and Ricky is a wonderful addition to the band! Last night at the Starland Ballroom in NJ was incredible! The intimacy of a small club with this band is just more than words can say. Once in a lifetime experience. Love Lawrence's ragtime solo as well. My daughter had purchased a t-shirt for my husband in Afghanistan, Lawrence was so sweet not only to sign it but get each member of Styx to do so as well! It so touched our hearts as my hubby is a big Styx fan. What a great guy! All we can say is a HUGE - THANK YOU!
Joy & Maddie <SoOnthefritz@aol.com>
Philadelphia, PA USA - Larry, when is Styx going to be playing in AL? I have seen the last several shows including the one at Redstone Arsenal playing in a thunderstorm. My family and I were on the front row and received autographed T shirt and picture, lots of guitar picks and the picture you took of the band and threw to my youngest daughter. We had such a great time at the concert and can not wait until Styx comes back to town. You are such a great addition to the band and your voice is unbelieveable! Thanks again for all the great years of entertainment!
Donna Ridout <ridoutcw@bellsouth.net>
Scottsboro, AL USA - I was wondering about the revolving keyboard stand. Is that custom made, or is it manufactured by a company?
SC <shane_carter@musician.net>

i just wanted to say i love this site and to thank Lawerance for signing my cd cover and telling me how lovely my name is. you guys rocked at Youngstown Ohio. What a terrific guy. Mala
Mala <styx_fan53@yahoo.com>
Ft .Wayne, IN USA -